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KNU Delegate Program - Vinjohn

2015.03.27 17:37

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Report on KNU delegate program

As part of the globalization of Kyungpook National University, the school of electronics engineering took a major step by forming delegates from the student fraternity. The main task to be accomplished by the student delegates is to introduce KNU to the respective countries the students belong and thereby attract students in large numbers to take up undergraduate courses offered by school of electronics, KNU. On the Feb 10th the list final selected candidates were rolled out, I was really happy to find my name among the chosen students for this mission. On Feb 13th we had the orientation program for the chosen students by Prof. Dongik Lee. A total of seven students were selected who belonged to countries like India, Pakistan, Algeria and China. My travel dates to travel to India were finalized from 19th Feb to 26th Feb. I departed from Korea on Feb 19th and landed in Bangalore, India on 20th early morning. The very same day I went to my school Kendriya Vidyalaya Rail Wheel Factory, Bangalore. It was a great feeling of nostalgia as I entered my school as this is the place where I completed my entire schooling. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet many students due the exam schedule. Hence, I asked the students met to pass on the message to their fellow batchmates. Next day as per my schedule, on 21st, Saturday, I was invited to Christ Junior College, Bangalore to deliver a talk on Higher studies in Korea in the discipline of electronics engineering. I was warmly welcomed by the teachers and college heads. There were around 75 students and 10 faculties who could actively participate in the session. During the session, I talked about the education system in Korea as well as the Job aspects in Korea after their successful completion of their courses. As the Korean companies like LG and Samsung are widely known and well established throughout India, students were very interested to pursue their career in one of these giant firms. Moreover, I also focused on the lifestyle of Korea, which really excited the students, hence attracting them to have a Korean experience.  Towards the end there were many questions posed by the students regarding the subjects, language, fees, living costs, etc. It was indeed a great time spent with these young talents.

On 23rd Feb, Monday, I visited Presidency School, Bangalore South in order to introduce KNU to the high school students, but had a hard luck as there were no students due to the study leave they had before the exams. Therefore, had to meet the school management and asked them to convey the message to the students on my behalf.

My second interaction with the students was on 24th Feb at Christ University Faculty of Engineering. The majority of the students were from the Dept of Electronics and Computer Science engineering. It was over a 2 hour long session as many students were thrilled and motivated to pursue their higher education in Korea. Student attend the session in pouring numbers as they were very much eager to know the opportunities available in Korea. Even many of the faculty members could attend the session in order to further guide the students to realize their dream of studying in Korea. During the session I mainly focused on the research carried out in KNU and regarding ample amount of opportunity for great talents to pursue their higher studies here. There were many questions from the audience regarding the Research topics, career after graduation, scholarships, etc.

I would like to thank wholeheartedly the management team of School of Electronics, KNU for giving me the opportunity to become a KNU delegate and visit my country. I would also like to thank my Prof. Han Dong Seog for his immense support, without whom I would not have achieved this great opportunity.






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